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Recipes: Medical Tyranny or Medical Freedom

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Given that Congress is poised to overhaul our nation’s health-care system this year, the Institute for Health Freedom (IHF) highlights two competing recipes that will produce very different outcomes.  IHF encourages Americans to consider which outcome they would prefer the 111th Congress to move our nation toward:  medical tyranny or medical freedom.  Take a look at these very different recipes for reform and their contrasting results:

Recipe for medical tyranny:

  • Add 1 federal mandate for health insurance (“everybody in, nobody out” policy).
  • Mix with health-insurance monopolies, oligopolies, monopsonies, and Blue-opolies.
  • Fold in a federal prohibition on private payment for services covered by health insurance and government health programs.
  • Combine with federal health board that “coordinates” health care and has final say over what services will be covered.
  • Serves all Americans tyrannical policies that limit their health-care choices.

Recipe for medical freedom:

  • Add 1 universal health-insurance tax deduction for every American (a refundable tax credit for those who have no tax liability; the deduction/credit would go directly to individuals, not insurers).
  • Mix with health-insurance competition (permit individuals to buy insurance products across state lines); provider competition (repeal monopolistic licensing laws); and tax deductions for providers and institutions that offer free care.
  • Fold in right to choose health insurance (forgo government programs such as Medicare if one so chooses) and right to pay privately for all health services, including those covered by insurance and government programs.
  • Combine with free-market concierge services and other “consumer advocate” services that encourage high-quality care.
  • Serves all Americans policies that will increase competition, lower costs, and improve freedom of choice in health care.

IHF encourages readers to cite the above health-reform recipes and/or write their own, and communicate them to policymakers.

Note: Economic terms cited above (monopoly, oligopoly, and monopsony) are defined online at

These recipes are courtesy of Institute for Health Freedom 

Excellent Dick Morris Commentary

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009