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Dems Cart In Health Proposal

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

You need to read this article I found in National Underwriter, a trade journal for the insurance industry.  Of particular interest is the comment made by Stephen W Johnson. 

  • Are they out of their mindS? “YES”
  • It was never the intention of our founding documents the US constitution, and other supporting documents. To provide health care or develop a welfare society in the United States of America. It is not the Federal Governments place to mandate what or who deseves Health Care. If they pass this bill in any shape form or Fashion, yes everyone will have health care, but who will be able afford to run a competitive business in the USA and be able to compete in the global community. Also who will be able to afford the products and services these companies will have charge. I have a better idea before the Federal Government passes another bill or law. They should first try it out on themselves. If it is such a great idea I believe the Senators,Congress, the white house and all Federal Employees should adopt this wonderful plan. I will bet if they have to fall under these guidelines you won’t hear another word about health care reform. If they truly want to reform health care they first need to reform the mountains of costly unfair laws and regulations that have driven up the cost we now have. In addition why do tax paying US citizens have to pay for health care for illegals? In Closing before we try to reform health care, we need to focus on the real pronlem, our federal Governmemt!

    Also check out this link . . .

    It’s time to act.

    Waiting Game: Canadian cancer patient warns of perils of state-run health care

    Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009