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Deflation….what kind of economic evil is this?

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

The economic wonderkids now talk about an expected deflation we soon will face.  Visit this site for a 2 page outstanding explanation. 

Be Prepared, as the Boy Scouts say.

Comment #1   Don’t visit the site, don’t read it, and don’t believe a word of the article.  It is all lies, lies, lies.

John Maynard Keynes

5yr Plan for Soviet Centralized Physician Control

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Welcome to the USSR.  The rulers of the USSR did not go away in 1989, they just moved to the USA.  Remember that Obamacare starts in 5 years.

White House is advising physicians to accept a life in Big Medicine as a (1) hospital employee or (2) member of a large group practice. 

Leaders of organized medicine object

American College of Physicians..…We’re not ready to write off the small practices

Georgia neurologist….. America is not a one-size-fits-all country

Centralized Control of Physicians…..Obamacare will lead to vertical organization of providers, accelerate physician employment by hospitals, and force M.D.’s into large manageable groups

Soviet:   Soviet is defined as a controlling council with local powers

Medical Soviets…..Physicians who embrace the changes forced by Obamacare….will be rewarded in the payment system…..they either earn bonuses or incur pay cuts depending on how they perform as a group

Physicians endure…..a hierarchal structure and centralized management…..similar to the military and the federal government itself.

Through information technology and electronic health records….the administrative personnel will….track….account for…..manage… incentives…..oversee care…..organize around groups

Many physicians will quit medicine before they sacrifice patient’s health                                

Excerpted from Ann Intern Med. Published online August 24, 2010. 

Comment #1   Doctors and patients need central control.  The Government will tell them what is best for them.                 

Mr. A. Schicklgruber

4th Amendment Killed by Federal Government

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

1) The U.S. government uses your travel records to create a “risk assessment” profile, to decide if you’re a security risk and whether you’ll be allowed to travel.

2) The government can access your prescription drug records under their “Prescription Drug Monitoring Program”.

3) President George W. Bush’s wiretapping and communications surveillance has not gone away, but been expanded under President Obama.

4) The Patriot Act is unconstitutional and allows government agents to secretly access any financial information about you they want.

5) The FBI and the U.S. military admitted to obtaining information on thousands of U.S. citizens without the search warrants that the Fourth Amendment requires?

Even More Snoop Power, Coming Soon …

The Obama Justice Department is trying to convince federal courts to extend warrantless surveillance powers beyond even what the Patriot Act provides.   The government now wants free access to ALL private e-mail and Internet browsing records and pending legislation in Congress may do exactly that.  Including those who are not suspected of any wrongdoing! And without any warrants, or judicial supervision of any kind!

Bob Bauman JD 

Comment #1     This sounds like a tried and true way to give government total control over Citizens.  Why do you complain?

Josef  Djugashvilli

Rationing Medical Care under Obamacare

Friday, August 20th, 2010

CMS Chief Asks “Will We Ration With Our Eyes Open?”

By Twila Brase, R.N.  

Should the political appointee who will oversee the nation’s largest pot of taxpayer health-care dollars be subjected to public scrutiny and congressional approval?  

On July 7 President Obama made a controversial “recess” appointment of pediatrician Donald Berwick to head the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  The appointment bypassed the usual Senate confirmation process, therefore precluding public discussion.  One has to wonder whether Obama did this to avoid scrutiny of Dr. Berwick’s publicly stated love for England’s National Health Service (NHS) rationing system.  

In a 2008 speech Berwick told a British audience, “I am romantic about the NHS; I love it. All I need to do to rediscover the romance is to look at healthcare in my own country.”  The NHS is notorious for rationing health-care services. Yet Berwick lauds Britain’s [National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence] NICE rationing board, saying, “NICE is not just a national treasure; it is a global treasure.” 

In the United States Berwick will be in charge of policy, treatment, and payment decisions for the approximately 47 million Medicare recipients and 58 million Medicaid recipients. The federal health-care reform law could add another 15 million recipients to the Medicaid rolls, leaving potentially 120 million people affected by the president’s unilateral installation of Berwick. 

Meanwhile, Berwick’s warning about forthcoming rationing is pretty clear. “The chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80% of the total health care bill out there,” he says.  “There is going to have to be a very difficult democratic conversation that takes place. The decision is not whether or not we will ration care. The decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.” 


  • “Obama Plans Recess Appointment of Medicare-Medicaid Chief,” by Noam Levey, Los Angeles Times, July 7, 2010.
  • “Why Donald Berwick is Dangerous to Your Health,” by Hal Scherz,, May 26, 2010. 

Twila Brase, R.N., is president of Citizens’ Council on Health Care in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Bias and bigotry in academia

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

A decade ago, activist Ron Unz conducted a study of the ethnic and religious composition of the student body at Harvard.   Blacks and Hispanics, Unz found, were then being admitted to his alma mater in numbers approaching their share of the population.   And who were the most underrepresented Americans at Harvard?   White Christians and ethnic Catholics. Though two-thirds of the U.S. population then, they had dropped to one-fourth of the student body.  

Comes now a more scientific study from Princeton sociologists Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Radford to confirm that a deep bias against the white conservative and Christian young of America is pervasive at America’s elite colleges and Ivy League schools.  Wake up! This is the reality of what Christian students face in the secular world of academia. 

The Espenshade-Radford study “draws from … the National Study of College Experience … gathered from eight highly competitive private colleges and universities (entering freshman SAT scores: 1360),” writes Princeton Professor Russell K. Nieli, who has summarized the findings:   Elite college admissions officers may prattle about “diversity,” but what they mean is the African-American contingent on campus should be 5 percent to 7 percent, with Hispanics about as numerous.   However, “an estimated 40-50 of those categorized as black are Afro-Caribbean or African immigrants, or the children of such immigrants,” who never suffered segregation or Jim Crow.  

To achieve even these percentages, however, the discrimination against white and Asian applicants, because of the color of their skin and where their ancestors came from, is astonishing.   As Nieli puts it, “Being Hispanic conferred an admissions boost over being white … equivalent to 130 SAT points (out of 1,600), while being black rather than white conferred a 310-point SAT advantage. Asians, however, suffered an admissions penalty compared to whites equivalent to 140 SAT points.”   “To have the same chance of gaining admission as a black student with a SAT score of 1100, a Hispanic student otherwise equally matched in background characteristics would have to have 1230, a white student a 1410, and an Asian student a 1550.”  

Was this what the civil-rights revolution was all about – requiring kids whose parents came from Korea, Japan or Vietnam to get a perfect SAT score of 1600 to be given equal consideration with a Jamaican or Kenyan kid who got an 1150? Is this what it means to be an Ivy League progressive?   What are the historic and moral arguments for discriminating in favor of kids from Angola and Argentina over kids whose parents came from Poland and Vietnam?   There is yet another form of bigotry prevalent among our academic elite that is a throwback to the snobbery of the WASPs of yesterday. While Ivy League recruiters prefer working-class to middle-class black kids with the same test scores, the reverse is true with white kids.  

White kids from poor families who score as well as white kids from wealthy families – think George W. Bush – not only get no break, they seem to be the most undesirable and unwanted of all students.   Though elite schools give points to applicants for extracurricular activities, especially for leadership roles and honors, writes Nieli, if you played a lead role in Future Farmers of America, the 4-H Clubs or junior ROTC, leave it off your resume or you may just be blackballed. “Excelling in these activities is ‘associated with 60 or 65 percent lower odds on admissions.'”   Writes Nieli, there seems an unwritten admissions rule at America’s elite schools: “Poor Whites Need Not Apply.”  

For admissions officers at our top private and public schools, diversity is “a code word” for particular prejudices.   For these schools are not interested in a diversity that would include “born-again Christians from the Bible belt, students from Appalachia and other rural and small-town areas, people who have served in the U.S. military, those who have grown up on farms or ranches, Mormons, Pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, lower- and middle-class Catholics, working class ‘white ethnics,’ social and political conservatives, wheelchair users, married students, married students with children or older students just starting into college and raising children.”   “Students in these categories,” writes Nieli, “are often very rare at the most competitive colleges, especially the Ivy League.”  

“Lower-class whites prove to be all-around losers” at the elite schools. They are rarely accepted. Lower-class Hispanics and blacks are eight to 10 times more likely to get in with the same scores.   That such bigotry is pervasive in 2010 at institutions that preen about how progressive they are is disgusting. That a GOP which purports to represents Middle America, whose young are bearing the brunt of this bigotry, has remained largely silent is shameful.   Many of these elite public and private colleges and universities benefit from U.S. tax dollars through student loans and direct grants. The future flow of those tax dollars should be made contingent on Harvard and Yale ending racial practices that went out at Little Rock Central High in 1957.

World Net Daily Commentary July 19, 2010

Comment #1  I bet 5:1 odds that the Republicans will not change this when they take control in November.  Any takers on this bet?         Tony Grosso

Morning in America – a new beginning

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Yes, we know it feels like midnight – and would even if Ronald Reagan were here in person to cheer us up, but we must get through the night in order to enjoy the morning. The difference is that the sun is not going to rise for us automatically. We are going to have to pull it up by ourselves.  

American freedom has been unconscionably abridged and American resources wasted. While the Obama regime has sharply accelerated these trends, most of the damage was done over the century that preceded his Marxist reign.  

Our constitutional republic and the vast engineering miracle that its freedom made possible have been slowly strangled by creeping socialism and fascism – in the form of government-sponsored taxation, regulation and litigation, plus the profligate waste by government of the resources that it has seized from us. These confiscated resources have paid for seemingly endless war, character-destroying welfare and the rise of a bureaucratic elite of government employees that now comprises almost 20 percent of our “workers” and is paid, on average, twice as much in wages and benefits as those still working in the private, free-enterprise sector.  

This deadly parasitic malignancy – the mutant that has arisen from our original form of government – has spread throughout our land. Not content to merely live upon its host, the thing is killing the republic upon which it depends for sustenance.  

Imagine the prosperity and technological wonders that the $10 trillion in capital earned by the nuclear power industry would have made possible – but that our government made impossible.  

Imagine the similar losses that have occurred in most of our other industries as they have been strangled by regulation, litigation and tax-caused loss of needed capital – until they can no longer compete in world markets and are overcome by foreign competitors.  

Imagine the prosperity and accomplishments we have lost by being required to conduct our economic affairs with fiat money – printed by government whim – rather than honest money, which has been a core component of human prosperity for thousands of years.  

Imagine the human lives lost and resources destroyed in constant warfare – beginning with the entirely unnecessary Wilsonian nightmare of World War I (which spawned World War II) – to be followed by Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and a now teetering empire with military forces stationed in and interfering with the affairs of more than 100 countries around the globe.  

We provided our government with the wealth, technology and patriotic soldiers to provide for our common defense – but those resources were instead used to build a worldwide empire that is now draining us of our remaining wealth and is sustained by borrowing from the potential enemies from whom we need to be defended.  

Imagine what our productive people could still accomplish if half of their earnings – the half that they do not need for food, housing, shelter, and other necessities – were not confiscated by government. Today, it is very difficult for an ordinary young American to accumulate enough after-tax capital to even own his home. He is encouraged to enslave himself to the government-sponsored banking industry for 30 years instead.  

Imagine the value of the vast amount of industrial and personal resources that have been taken from us by the government-sponsored litigation industry – an industry so loathed and feared by productive people that they pay huge sums of their remaining capital to buy protection by members of the industry itself. Intended to referee and assure justice within our society, this industry has become one of our greatest injustices – regardless of the fact that many principled and productive people still work within it.  

Imagine that we were free of these injustices. Imagine that our physical and economic freedom were to return to that of our country’s founding or even to move halfway back – far enough to allow a virtual explosion in human accomplishment and well-being.  

My opinion is that most people now living will not only imagine this return – they will see it happen. They will, in fact, cause it to happen – and, when it does, the greatest renaissance in the history of man will take place. Human freedom coupled with modem technology will achieve miracles.  

While our woes have crept upon us slowly, masked in part by the wealth generated by science and technology, they are “creeping” no more. In Washington today, we are seeing an astonishing acceleration of the tyranny of statism, socialism, fascism and Marxism that has come upon us – but it is no longer clothed in its many disguises. We are seeing it stark naked.  

Like a market that has dropped gradually over a long period of time, the current regime will be seen as the final selloff – the key reversal period of the American experiment. The American people will watch this debacle for a brief period of time and then reject it so overwhelmingly at their ballot boxes that it will not again threaten our country for many generations.  

The miracle of the Internet now allows Americans to communicate in total freedom. The media that fed them propaganda is dying. The truth is electronically available to all. It can no longer be hidden.  

Truth now stands in the marketplace on an equal footing with untruth. On this level playing field, the truth will win. The only major newspaper in America that is not dying is the Wall Street Journal – and it is treading water by giving at minimum an equal hearing to the truth upon its pages.  

Ronald Reagan was right – but his optimism was ahead of its time. His country still needed to experience more tyranny before it appreciated its freedom. Now, Reagan’s time has come.  

President Reagan told us that he had complete faith in the American people. His people – not just “conservatives,” not just “independents,” not just “libertarians,” not just “liberals” – but all of his people are now being jolted awake from their long slumber.  

Americans are awakening to their peril. They will – with charity and compassion and by peaceful means – throw the baggage out. Note: This column was first published in Access to Energy.  Dr. Arthur Robinson is president and research professor of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.

Coming Catastrophe: State Govt Bankruptcy

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

As Congress reconvenes next week to pass a $26 billion bailout of state and local governments entombed in their own deficits, we witness a foretaste of the crisis that will be the central event of the first half of next year: the collapse of state governments.       

As long as the Democrats control Congress, they will continue to rubber-stamp Obama’s requests for bailouts of profligate states.  But when the Republicans take control, they will be less than forthcoming.  Republicans will ask the central question: Why should taxpayers from states that have cut their budgets and observed spending restraint, pay for the extravagances of the other states?   Why should forty-seven states have to pay for California, New York, and Michigan?        

State government employment has risen by 16 percent since 1995 and overly generous Medicaid and other spending has climbed alongside it.  Pension obligations, initially incurred as a cheap alternative to pay raises for public workers, are increasingly driving state budgets over the brink.          

State and local governments and school boards are hostages to the public employee labor unions that control their finances through their contracts and their politics with their donations and votes.  These nominally democratic government bodies are as much under the sway of their union captors as the auto companies are of the UAW.        

When a Republican Congress turns off the spigot of federal bailouts, the municipal and state bond markets are going to take the hint and stop buying state paper at any interest rate.  California will find its debt has become unmarketable and will come begging Congress for relief.  First it will seek federal money and then its demands will escalate into a federal guarantee of its state debt.         

The Greek financial crisis will come to our shores in the form of state bankruptcies.  Hopefully, Republicans will not be so weak-kneed as they are in the face of the current shortfall and next week’s demand for aid.  With two Senators caving in, the Democrats were able to pass their aid bill and send it to the House next week.          

The Republican solution to state financial distress should be simple:  The Party should insist on a change in the federal bankruptcy law providing for a procedure for state bankruptcy (none now exists).  This process must call for abrogation of all state and local public employee union contracts as is usually done in private sector bankruptcies.  By freeing states and local governments (including school boards) of their union obligations on wages, work rules, staffing, and pensions, they have a chance to survive and, indeed, to prosper.  But merely subsidizing these massive expenditures just prolongs the misery of the states in question.             

The collapse of overspending state governments must trigger the diminution of the power unions hold over their budgets and their politics.  Their coming bankruptcies offer an opportunity for reform and the Republican Congress – backed by newly elected Republican state governments – give us precisely the opportunity we need to effectuate it.

Dick Morris & Eileen McCann 8-4-10

Comment #1       Another name for theft is State Government.  Here in Pennsylvania a University study concluded that corruption is so pervasive in our state government that it “cannot” be salvaged.  Now what do we do?

Mr. Austin Tacious 8-7-10