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Fraser Institute and Nadeem Esmail “Health Care Lessons from Japan”

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

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“In 2009, Canada’s health expenditures were 87 per cent higher than Japan’s and 26 per cent higher than the average developed nation with universal health care. Yet Canadians still face some of the longest waits for treatment in the developed world,” said Nadeem Esmail, Fraser Institute director of health policy studies and author of Health Care Lessons from Japan.

“Japan’s experience shows it is possible to provide quality health care to all citizens regardless of their ability to pay, and at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.”

Health Care Lessons from Japan is part of a Fraser Institute series examining the way health services are funded and delivered in other developed countries with universal-access health care.

The report outlines how Japan’s health policy framework differs from that of Canada: •Cost-sharing for all forms of medical services •Largely private provision of acute-care hospital and surgical services •Activity-based funding for hospital care •Privately funded parallel health care •Statutory independent insurers providing universal services on a premium-funded basis (commonly known as a social insurance system).

“Emulating Japan’s approach to health care would require substantial reform of the Canadian system including, most significantly, a shift from a tax-funded government insurance scheme to a system of independent insurers offering premium-based coverage,” Esmail said.