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ObamaCare “Complete Lives System”

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Obamacare is based on “The Complete Lives System” by Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel’s brother, and an early senior White House health policy adviser to Obama. Most Americans have never read these articles, because they were published in British medical journals. You can read one for yourself here.

“The Complete Lives System” makes crystal clear that physicians must not focus on the individual patient. Instead, medical care should be allocated based on the patient’s usefulness to the “collective good.” If you’re too old, or too young, or your ailment is too complicated, society is better off letting you die, rather than paying a doctor to heal you.

One tenet of the Complete Lives system is that medical care for people under age 15 and over age 45 should be attenuated. “Attenuate” means to ration. Emanuel believes that the very young and the elderly are less valuable to society than those in the middle of the age curve. He published this chart called the “reaper curve,” which illustrates which age groups he believes should receive the most and best medical care.

And who will do that allocating and “attenuating” of your medical care? Why, bureaucrats, of course. Instead of doctors asking, “Is this in the best interest of my patient?” bureaucrats will consult their spreadsheets and ask, “Will the government get a decent return on its cost for this patient’s medical care, or could that money be better used for someone else who will better serve the needs of society?” Sorry if you happen to die in the process.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Oath of Hippocrates is headed for a similar fate as the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s becoming an anachronism.

Physician responsibility for decision making is the core tenet of Western medicine. Obamacare seeks to undermine that by putting the federal government in charge of medical decisions.