Bleak Future — Sovereign Digest 5-3-15

The children are our future. And, so, I am sad to report further news that our future isn’t looking too bright. Results from the 2014 National Assessment of Education Progress test were released last week and they reveal that more than half of 29,000 eighth graders believe that the U.S. government should guarantee them a job when they grow up. There were some other concerning findings, too — only 25% were proficient in history, geography and civics … a reflection of why Americans are generally clueless about the world they live in.

When Jeff read the statistics, he was disturbed:
It’s that expectation of a government job that is so troubling.

Kids learn their belief system in one of two places: school or home. And believing that the government should provide a guaranteed job means that one of two realities is endemic today and warping the belief system of the upcoming generation of Americans:

1. Under the guise of unwanted federal programs like No Child Left Behind (or, as it should rightly be called, Every Child Mediocre), our public school system is surreptitiously engineering a Socialist-oriented society. Or…
2. Conversations inside the average American household are instilling in children an entitlement-minded belief system structured round the notion that government is the answer.

Whatever the case, our future is dim. These eighth graders represent tomorrow’s workers who will expect government to give them a job, and they will vote for the politicians who will provide that. Worse, they represent those politicians of tomorrow who will give those Socialist-minded voters exactly what they want.

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. America is following the path laid out by Sweden between the 1920s and about 1990 … a path that ended in economic devastation. Luckily the Swedes are a small, largely homogenous lot that generally cares about one another. America is not Sweden. When the Socialist/entitlement architecture collapses here one day — and it will — society won’t be so caring.

Be very fearful of tomorrow’s children. Their belief system is warped … and apparently most can’t even find America on a map.

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