U.S. reminds man of native Communist Romania

October 21st, 2015

Every week there is a new story of Judeo-Christian values under fire. A high school football coach in trouble for saying prayers. A Christmas program at school that dares to mention the reason for the season. A Christian baker being sued for being unwilling to violate her conscience. The move to censor God from society is all too familiar to a man who grew up in an atmosphere of forced atheism. As a child, all he ever wanted was to live in “the land of the free.”

Horatio (Harry) Mihet grew up as the son of an evangelical pastor in Communist Romania. He knew firsthand what it is like to live under complete tyranny. In 1990, when he was 12, the day came when Harry and his family were able to emigrate from Romania to America. His first act in this country was to get down and kiss the ground in thanks to God. Finally, the land of the free.

That was 25 years ago. Fast forward to today where Harry serves as senior litigation counsel for Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel. Harry deals with all kinds of cases where Christians are losing their rights to practice their religion in a land which has a constitutional right to religion. In an interview, Harry once told me, “I grew up in Communist Romania under a regime that was determined to control every aspect of your life, from the cradle to the grave – what you thought, what you believed, who you worshiped and how you worshiped.”……

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How leftists captured Americans’ minds

October 16th, 2015

Kupelian uncovers hidden methods behind ‘fundamental transformation’

Award-winning journalist David Kupelian starts by urging people to consider the current American landscape: Waves of immigrants pouring into across the southern border while the government plans to import thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees. Racial tensions and crime skyrocketing. Radical wealth redistribution. An unworkable healthcare system. Big Brother spying. All proof that Barack Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation” of America is well underway.

…“During the Obama administration, we had a situation where the Department of Homeland Security in 2009 was declaring that pro-lifers and constitutionalists and people that had a problem with illegal immigration and even returning war veterans were classified as ‘potential right-wing extremists’ and possible domestic terrorists.”

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American Economic Knowledge

October 15th, 2015

ObamaCare Disaster is Bipartisan

September 8th, 2015

AAPS News April 2015 – Making Disaster Bipartisan

Mar 27, 2015 Volume 71, no. 4 April 2015

When it appears that Democrats have lost the battle to socialize medicine, the Republicans ride to their rescue.

ClintonCare was defeated in Congress when people found out what was in it and who was behind it. Then the Republican Congress, which was elected largely because of opposition to ClintonCare, enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), with much of its wording imported directly from the Clinton Plan. Saying “HIPAA” generally refers to the rule-laden pretense of protecting privacy, but the law also incorporates the criminalization of medicine (especially errors in medical billing) and the security rules for electronic health records (EHRs). Republicans also passed the back-up strategy, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and, with the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, the notorious Clinton-Gingrich sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula for keeping Medicare solvent.

AAPS News is repeating itself, but so is history (www.aapsonline.org/judicial/aapsvclinton.htm).

Physicians have endured costly audits or paid huge fines—or gone to prison for coding errors. Millions of patients have had their EHRs breached. But there is no thought of going back.

Prominent players still include Lois Quam of United Healthcare and other managed care executives; the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; information technology vendors; Planned Parenthood; and academic medical centers. Eric Holder, Clinton’s deputy attorney general, declined to prosecute health care guru Ira Magaziner (http://tinyurl.com/pcvwrda) for perjury, and as attorney general has not held Obama appointees to the law either.

Bill Clinton at least did not call secrecy “transparency,” and the federal district court in D.C. ordered opening the meetings of the Clinton Task Force on National Health Care Reform to the public (http://tinyurl.com/khnfq89).

Judge Royce Lamberth is again ordering the executive branch to preserve and release documents, as he did then (http://tinyurl.com/pmn3265). The Clinton Working Groups provided a truckload of documents to the National Archives, but some floppy disks were blank, and some important leaders claimed not to have generated any documents. Hillary’s current e-mail practices are of the same character.

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Argentina = United States

August 29th, 2015

In 1916 Argentina competed with the United States as the 2nd strongest economy in the world just behind Great Britain. Argentina became envious and blazed a path that destroyed the country, culture, morality, and economy. United States willfully follows that path. Take 8 minutes and view the video to be educated and scared at the same time.

Free ObamaCare isn’t free

July 9th, 2015

TRANSFER/THEFT of money & savings
FROM those that work TO THOSE that won’t

January 1, 2015 As a brief reminder for those who forgot or for many that didn’t know

1) Medicare tax went from 1.45% to 2.35%
2) Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%
3) Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%
4) Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%
5) Dividend tax went from 15% to 39.6%
6) Estate tax went from 0% to 55%
7) 3.5% Real Estate transaction tax was added

Limited with ObamaCare

July 1st, 2015

Here are my top 10 reasons for not enrolling, plus five suggestions for what you might do instead. You weigh the pros and cons, then decide the cost-benefit balance best for you.
1) The Obamacare health insurance policies cost significantly more – likely more than the penalty (tax). Most people can expect to see their premiums double.

2) The Obamacare health-insurance policies limit your choice of doctors.

3) The Obamacare health-insurance policies limit your choice of hospitals. For example, several major state-of-the-art, internationally known cancer treatment centers are excluded.

4) Your out-of-pocket costs will skyrocket, with the new Obamacare health-insurance policies doubling and tripling the deductibles you must pay before coverage will kick in.

5) Your medical privacy is lost when you enroll, and your medical information becomes controlled by government agencies.

6) Your personal financial and health information may be seriously compromised by the security flaws in the Healthcare.gov website.

7) You are at risk of identity theft by providing your personal information to the “Obamacare navigators,” a significant number of whom have been found to have criminal backgrounds.

8) Enrolling in the Obamacare health exchange may lead to compromises of your Second Amendment rights, as medical databases collect information on gun ownership.

9) Obamacare enrollees are finding it difficult or impossible to cancel their plan if they find a better option.

10) Obamacare policies are basically “managed care” with limitations on your options – and financial incentives for your doctor to restrict your care.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vleit

Thrive without Obamacare

July 1st, 2015

If you do not enroll in Obamacare, what options do you have to protect your health and pocketbook? Here are some solutions that put control back in your hands and allow you to decide how to spend your own money for the medical care you choose:
1) Purchase a very high-deductible, catastrophic medical insurance policy.

2) Use the savings in premiums every month to put money into your self-funded “medical expense savings account” that you control. Even if this account is not tax deductible, the fact that you control how you spend the money is what is critical to your health.

3) Consider joining a religious group cost-sharing program. Examples of these are Liberty Healthshare, Christian Care Medishare and Samaritan Ministries.

4) Seek out cash-pay medical practices, imaging centers and hospitals that offer discounts for cash – pay for services you choose, not for insurers’ promises, or denials, which are becoming more and more common.

5) Purchase a high-deductible international health insurance policy that for much lower premiums offers you the option of medical services in lower-cost countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, India and others.

Abraham Lincoln said: “You can’t make a weak man strong by making a strong man weak.” That is exactly what Obamacare does: It weakens those who take responsibility for their health, forcing them into a one-size-fits-all wealth redistribution scheme that restricts care to government-approved choices at a government-dictated price.

At its core, Obamacare is about controlling you and limiting your choices for medical care and how you spend your money. Obamacare is not about “affordable care” or “patient protection.” When the government controls your health care, the bureaucrats and politicians decide what you get.

My prescription for good health: Take control of your medical care back into your own hands, in partnership with physicians of your choice.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet

Where’s Frank Capra when you need him

June 6th, 2015

Why we fight – acknowledgment to Frank Capra
Iraqi security forces left 2,300 Humvee armored vehicles when ISIS overran the city of Mosul in June 2015. The United States is supplying Islamic State with tools of war they cannot acquire from its patrons. Iraqi forces abandoned 40 M1A1 main battle tanks, arms and ammunition, 74,000 machine guns, 52 M198 mobile howitzers.

The United States also continues to spend money: 3,000 American soldiers training Iraqi soldiers; $1.2 billion spent in 2015, plus $25 billion since 2003. The returns: In Mosul 30,000 Iraqis ran from 1,000 ISIS fighters. In Ramadi 10,000 Iraqi soldiers ran from 400 ISIS fighters. While running, Iraqis left behind weapons for 40,000 soldiers.

To replenish Iraq’s losses, U.S. State Dept. approved 1,000 Armor Upgraded Humvees, machine guns and grenade launchers, 250 Mine Resistant Armored Personnel carriers (MRAPs), plus huge amounts of material when American forces left. In addition, the US is moving 175 M1A1 Abrams tanks, 55,000 rounds of main tank-gun ammunition, $600 million in howitzers and trucks, $700 million worth of Hellfire missiles and 2,000 AT-4 rockets.

The Hellfires and AT-4′s, anti-tank weapons, are to destroy American armor in the hands of ISIS. The US is conducting air strikes to destroy weapons seized by ISIS. It’s a surreal that American weaponry is being sent to destroy American weapons.

The US Government’s answer — its simple, just do more of the same and send more military hardware

And the majority of Citizens vote to surrender their Liberty to this Government, and give this Government unlimited control of their lives, health, and future.

Canadian’s viewpoint

May 21st, 2015

This was written by a 21 yr. old female from Saskatchewan. She’s worried about the future and this is how she feels about the social welfare system that she’s being forced to live in! These solutions are just common sense in her opinion. “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living”.

Put me in charge of food grants. I’d get rid of cash for potato chips or chocolate, just money for 50kg bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.

Put me in charge of Healthcare. The first thing I’d do is to get women Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligation. Then, we’ll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and document all tattoos and piercings. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, smoke or get tattoos and piercings, then get a job.

Put me in charge of government housing. Ever live in a military barracks? You WILL maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your “home” will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own place.

Put me in charge of compulsory job search. In addition, you will either present a cheque stub from a job each week or you will report to a “government” job. It may be cleaning the roadways of trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your blasting stereo and speakers and put that money toward the “common good.”

Before you write that I’ve violated someone’s rights, realize that all of the above is voluntary. If you want our money, accept our rules.

Before you say that this would be “demeaning” and ruin their “self-esteem,” consider that it wasn’t that long ago that taking someone else’s money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self-esteem.

If we are expected to pay for other people’s mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.

AND while you are on Govt subsistence, you no longer can VOTE! Yes that is correct. For you to vote would be a conflict of interest…..You will most likely vote for a ‘welfare’ government, so you must voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you are receiving a government welfare cheque. If you want to vote, then get a job.